My Clients Are Saying...

Libby A.

"Elizabeth is a wonderful and easy person to work with while buying a home. We purchased a home with Elizabeth as our realtor in March 2018. She really helped our family manage the process patiently while we got an idea of which type of house fit us best.

While working with Elizabeth, my husband and I found her to be patient, considerate, easygoing and matter of fact. When viewing homes, she always went out of her way to make sure every house we were interested in we had an opportunity to tour. We found Elizabeth to be punctual and hard working with great availability for busy families! Also, Elizabeth is very knowledgeable about the buying process, building styles and the Portland/Vancouver real estate market. Elizabeth was always available at a moment's notice to tour whenever something popped up. Often, she would help us entertain our kids so we could get a better look at the house.

Our entire home buying process from start to finish was very easy thanks to her professional and emotional support. We highly recommend her work, especially to clients who prefer a more personal approach."

Carrie W.

Elizabeth is absolutely wonderful to work with. My husband and I were in the market to buy our first home, no small feat in Portland right now. Elizabeth was so patient, accommodating, communicative, and just fun to be around. We felt like we had a strong advocate in our corner from start to finish and could totally depend on her. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Kelly J.

Elizabeth is fabulous. I am so grateful to have had her support and expertise throughout the tumultuous process of home buying. She is knowledgeable, responsive, accommodating, and a total pleasure to spend time with. Her easy going personality and willingness to really listen to her clients, combined with her keen attention to detail, make her an incredible asset for anyone looking to buy a home. I would have been lost without her.

Susan C.

I contacted Elizabeth after my search for a home seemed to go stale with my original agent. I seemed to be doing all the looking. After I started working with Elizabeth, it was a totally different experience. She was doing the searching and communicating with me on a regular basis. Within a very short period of time I found my forever home. Without her help I know it would never have happened.

Ingrid M.

I was referred to Elizabeth via a Realtor friend. She stuck with us on a long, tough search for 5 months while we navigated a terrifically difficult market. Elizabeth took the time to learn about our particular types of non-conventional loans, and helped explain the confusing process of house hunting to a first time buyer. I highly recommend her as a Realtor! She is kind, funny and extremely helpful.

Deirdre K.

She made time in her schedule to show me properties to fit in my schedule and when I found the one I wanted, helped guide me through the process. Answered every question and was there for everything. Exceptional service, reliable and so helpful. A wonderful experience!